Morning Catch
Victoria, Age 13, Greeneville, TN

The morning sun peeks out,
Rolling, rolling gently down the hills,
Spraying its blood,
Skipping, skipping across the valleys 

Swaying, swaying
I wiggle my fins
In perfect rhythm
Sputtering, coughing – roaring to a promised life
Chugging down water, 
I burst finally out of my dark cell
Swallowing the sun, sniffing algae
Squinting at the first rays of light 

Caught in the wind, riding the waves I dance
Wriggling, wriggling through the water
Tiptoeing, tiptoeing behind the ripples
Sailing, sailing upon the churning currents
I poke my nose in the crevices of rocks
Finning my reflection
Admiring my silvery scales

Seaweed sticks to my nostrils, 
Irritating my beady eyes
I splash, I splash through the foam
Scavenging for the remains of food 

A heron takes off, a raven cries
The clouds leap to life,
Thunder moans,
The howl of alarm 

Black shadow
Tied up in a net, 
I wrangle
Eying the human figures on board, 
As I mourn over my life, 
Short yet joyful
The clearness of the lake,
The vastness of the world
The glory of a fish’s existence
Coming to an abrupt death

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