The Night of Darkness
Julia, Age 9, Sudbury, ON
                      Walking toward the dark woods
A cold breeze, misty air
I'm afraid
Smooth air, the fog blurs the colors of the forest
The wind swishing through the air
Smelling the clean air warms me with happiness
Moist air, feels like it is sprinkling rain
Trains passing by very quickly
Vroom, vroom, vroom
Makes the air gassy and hot
Found a lake, it's cold there
Then, a freezing breeze, so cold
Walking feet, crunch, crunch
Snow falls
I scream with joy
Faster and faster and faster
Sprinting through the snow
Snow drifts onto my shoulders
I look like a snowman
Sun rising, birds chirping
Sounds like a song
Bees buzzing, squirrels crawling up the tress
As the sun rises, the fog disappears.
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