The Sun and the Moon
Emma, Age 10, Largo, FL

One day, the sun and the moon had a quarrel about whose light shone brightest. Finally, the sun suggested, “Why don’t we have a contest? Whoever shines brightest on that pond down there will have complete control over the day and the night.”

The moon thought this over a bit. It was risky; he knew that the sun could outshine him any day. But then, there was that small chance that he would win. He’d have complete control over the night and day. Finally, he made up his mind. “That sounds like a good idea. I’m in.”

Well, the moon came up with a clever plan. He said, “We do have to have a judge, for if we were to do it ourselves, it would be unfair.” The sun thought this a very reasonable suggestion. He then asked, “Who will judge us?”

Here is where the moon’s clever plan came in. He would ask the North Wind to judge him and the sun in the contest. Then he would persuade her to say that his light shone the most, even if it wasn’t true. If she did, the moon would give her half of his reign over the day and night. He said to the sun, “Well, how about the North Wind? She’s as good a judge as any.” The sun agreed to this, not suspecting any treachery at all.

The moon went to visit the North Wind that afternoon. She said “I don’t need half of your reign. I’ll go just because I want to be the judge.”

The next day, the moon and the sun, the stars and the clouds, and of course, the North Wind, gathered just above the pond. The stars all cheered for the moon, and the clouds all cheered for the sun. Finally, the contest began. Since the moon thought that he was going to win for sure, he decided to shine just enough so that he could be seen. What he didn’t know was that the North Wind had decided to tell the truth, and she knew that she was going to have to say that the sun had won the contest. The moon was so excited that he said to the sun mockingly, “If I win, I might consider giving you half of my reign.”

Then, the North Wind announced, “The winner of the contest is… the sun!” All the clouds erupted into laughter and praise of the sun. But the moon was so angry that he went away, pouting. The sun came after him and said, “You know, I could give you half of my reign, if you want. You can rule the night, I’ll rule the day.” The moon was shocked. “You’d really do that for me?” he asked. The sun nodded and said, “Yes.”

That is why, whenever he can, the moon comes out when the sun hasn’t gone down yet; he’s ready to start his reign over the night.

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