Roger's Best Dream
Manaaim, Age 6, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Once upon a time there lived a frog, and he lived happily with his family. The frog was named Roger, and he was five years old. One day he helped an animal by saving him from a tiger. On that night he had a dream that a fairy gave him magical powers to fly. The next night a short, pretty looking fairy appeared at the frog’s house. The frog was surprised to see a fairy since it was the first time for him.

Then he said, “Why are you here? Are you here to give me some magical powers?”

The fairy said, “Yes I have come to give you magical powers because you saved an animal’s life. Now, listen here. You have to promise me that you will not misuse your powers.”

Next Roger said, “Yes, I promise.”

But, once he forgot about his promise to the fairy and misused his powers. Then the fairy appeared again and looked angry and scary.

The fairy yelled and said, “How dare you misuse my powers. Now I will take your powers back.”

And Roger lost his magical powers again. 

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