Joseph the Bully
Edgar, Age 12, San Pablo, CA

It all started on a sunny afternoon at school when I noticed the school bully teasing another student. I went out to the yard of our elementary school and had a glimpse of Joseph bullying John. Joseph was a really aggressive person who would always wear black and he had blue sky eyes. John was a really chubby kid who had dark skin and was really calm and had a type of Afro hair.

Joseph said to John, “Get back here, big, fat meatball.’’

John said, “STOP ! Please!’’

Joseph started to punch John and I screamed like a gorilla saying, “Joseph stop now!”
He did not listen and he kept on punching John, then he pulled John’s hair and said, “Get back up, chubby kid.”
John started to run away as fast as he could. He wasn't making it far because he was chubby, and he ran like an old car from the 1800s.

Joseph quickly ran and Joseph tripped John. Then Joseph said, “Get back here kid.’’

The next day I was in lunch when Joseph came, along with his friend Darian, and they sat next to me. Suddenly, I heard Joseph say, “I am going to break into John's room during class time.”

Darian said, “But his parents are going to be home.’’

Joseph then replied, “His parents work almost all day.’’

Later that day, at recess, I tried looking for John to tell him what was going to happen to his room. It was no use; I did not find him. After recess I heard that John had gone to the dentist. After school I quickly ran to John’s house and checked through his room’s window, and his room looked like it was a junkyard. And his window was broken. Suddenly I heard John’s mom say, “What have you done to John's room, Mister?’’

I started to explain that Joseph had planned to break into John's room. John’s mom called the police. We also noticed that Joseph had taken John’s money and his electronics and many other valuable items. I told John’s mom where Joseph lived. The police came and knocked on Joseph’s door. The police told him, “You will be joining other kids at Juvenile Hall.”

I knew I had done the right thing by telling John’s mom everything.

I knew it was all over and Joseph would be spending some time in Juvenile Hall.  

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