The Golden Egg
Grace, Age 12, Edson, AB

Every year, on April 4, the community center in my town holds a huge Easter egg hunt. Itís so huge that they hide about a million eggs around the community center, all filled with chocolate and cool prizes.

But, they also hide something else: The Golden Egg. The Golden Egg is bigger than my Dadís head, and it sparkles and shines like a little golden star. Itís the coolest thing ever, and itís super hard to find. Everybody always says the coolest prizes are hidden inside that egg. Only the person that finds the Egg gets to look inside and see the treasure. And this year, I was determined to find the Golden Egg.

My little brother Todd and I had our Easter baskets ready for action, standing behind the red rope. The workers in the community center would cut the rope when the Easter egg hunting would begin.

I looked around the playground, and wondered where that Golden Egg was. And suddenly, one of the workers snipped the rope in half, and a stampede of children ran over to the playground, ruthlessly looking for their eggs.

I, however, abandoned my basket and started to look for the Golden Egg. I looked literally everywhere. Underneath the slides, around the swings, and in the grass. The Golden Egg was nowhere to be found.

And just as I was about to give up hope, I saw something glinting behind a tree. I quickly ran over to the tree, and saw the Golden Egg.

Someone else saw the Golden Egg, too. A little toddler girl was running as fast as her chubby legs could carry her to the Golden Egg.

I swooped up the Golden Egg and gave it a hug. Finally!

But the little girl looked so sad. Maybe she really wanted the Golden Egg as much as I did. And before I could consider what I was about to do, I found myself GIVING her the Egg.

The little girl squealed with delight and thanked me. One of the workers saw me give her the Egg, and told the manager of the community center about it. The manager was so happy that I gave the little girl the Egg, that she gave me something much, MUCH better than one Golden Egg.

She gave me TWO Golden Eggs.

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