Be a Friend to Make a Friend
Moises, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a typical school morning when I heard my mom tell me to get ready for school.
“I’m ready, Mom. Are you?” I asked.

“No,” my mom replied.

When my mom finally got ready, we left. On the way to school I tried to convince my mom to pick me up early, but that failed.

“No! Why do you want me to pick you up early?” my mom angrily replied.

“No reason,” I answered softly.

“Then why did you ask me that?”


“Okay, we are here at school.”

“Bye, love you, Mom.”

“Me too, be safe at school.”

I went to line up with my friends like always. Until the biggest bully in the school walked up to me. He was buff, and tall, and he wore a t-shirt and ripped jeans.

“Give me your lunch money now!” yelled Dave.

“Leave me alone, Dave,” I replied.

“Give me your lunch money now!”

“I don’t have any lunch money.”

“Dave, stop picking on Moises!” my friend Rito shouted.

“Then you give me your lunch money!” Dave replied angrily.

“Dave, go to my office now!” the principal yelled.

“You two will pay for this!” Dave shouted at me and Rito.

When Dave finally left, we went to class. The teacher asked us where we were. We told him the story, and he let us go.

“Why do you think Dave is so mean?” I asked Rito.

“I don’t know. I think he has family problems,” he replied.

“I think so too.”

When we went to lunch, we talked for a while, then we saw Dave.

“Try to hide from him,” I whispered to Rito.

“I can’t find him,” Rito replied.

“Me ether.”

“Who are you guys hiding from?” my other friend asked.

“We are hiding from Dave,” Rito answered.

“See you guys later,” he replied.

“Where did Dave go?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Rito replied.

Not that long after, Dave found us and we ran.

“Leave us alone Dave,” Rito shouted.

“Wait. Slow down. I need to tell you guys something,” Dave told Rito and me.

“It is just a trick like all the other times.”

“Yeah,” I shouted.

“It is not a trick. I really need to tell you something.”

“What is it, Dave?” I asked him.

“I’m sorry I picked on you. It is just that I have problems at home and I don’t know how to tell somebody,” Dave replied.

“Well, you just told us,” we both said.

“We all learned something valuable today,” Rito said.

“What is that?” I asked.

“Be a friend to make a friend.”

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