Michelle, Age 10, Ottawa, ON
                      Friends, I must say, are wonderful.
They always make your time more enjoyable,
more fun, more amazing, more wondrous.
True best friends always stick together,
no matter what.

Friends, I must say, are helpful.
They are always on the lookout for others that needs a hand.
Best friends also say encouraging words
when others are feeling down.
Friends always find a way to smile.

Friends, I must say, are sometimes incomprehensible.
They do surprising things.
Best friends always do things to amaze each other,
to make them laugh, cry, or jump up in bewilderment.

Friends, I must say, are kind.
They will always stay your friend
and they try to be generous and giving.
Friends always give you a hug, when you are sad.

Friends, I must say, are forever.
They will always be your best, forever friend.
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