Wendy, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

“Why am I here?”

It all started on a grey Monday morning. My mom dropped me off at school, like she always does. I went to my first three periods at school. At lunch, I got my lunch and raced like electricity to my next class, but somehow they knew I was there.

They are a group of three students, and all of them are girls. Their names are Stephani, Andrea, and Melanie. The captain of the group is Melanie. They all wear some kind of T-shirts and skinny jeans. When you look at them, their eyes seem to be filled with envy.

The thing is that they bully me. Why? I don’t know. I think that they think that by having somebody doing their work, they are going to be popular. But the truth is that they are just making fools of themselves. This might surprise you, but they are the only bullies at Richmond Academy.

Every day I hide somewhere new, but they always find me. One day I just stayed at the table and then left to the bathroom, but minutes later I heard them calling me. They were saying, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” (That experience was like a scary movie!)

I was afraid that if I didn’t come out, they would do something worse to me. But I stayed there anyway. Since there are cameras outside the bathroom doors, and we were taking a long time, a police woman came and thought that we were fighting.
The police woman’s name was Officer Cast. She was wearing her uniform, which made her look like a black bear. She was surrounded by her guns, cuffs, etc. Her eyes seemed to be saying, “What is going on?”

Sure enough, I was right. Right away she said, “What is going on?”

I immediately came out of the bathroom, and all I got to say was, “They...”

Melanie interrupted me and said, “We were just waiting for her.”

And sure enough, Officer Cast sucked up the lie. Since they were “waiting” for me such a long time, I thought that we were going to be sent to the office, but she let us go.

Melanie had forth period, algebra, with me. She kept an eye on me every minute she could, like a cheetah waiting for the perfect moment to jump and catch its prey. I would just try to focus on my algebra, but I found it really difficult to focus with somebody staring. Since it was already report card season and we were doing a quiz, I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a C.

After algebra class, I had English, and thankfully none of the bullies were there. So finally I had a free class.

For my last period, I had an elective. For my elective, I choose music because that is my passion.

After school, Melanie and her group of bullies came close to me. Melanie made me do her algebra homework or else…

I knew what she was talking about. She was going to hit me if I didn’t do her homework. They have done it before, and every time I get home, my mom asks me, “What happened to you?”

I would say, “I fell down the stairs.”

She wouldn’t believe me, but she still went along with it.

When I got home, I went to work on my homework right away, and I decided that I wasn't going to do Melanie’s homework. I knew what was going to happen, but I was going to stand up to her.

The next day in algebra class, Melanie didn’t have any of her homework, so she got detention for the rest of the school day.

As the rest of the day passed on, and it was after school, Melanie went searching for me. As soon as she found me and I saw her, I ran as I never did before, but she caught up to me. She asked me with an aggressive voice, “Why didn’t you do my homework?!”
But I didn’t respond.

“It’s your fault, now I’m going to have to face my parents!”

“Well, I didn’t do it because I want to be free!”

I shouldn’t have said that because I really got her angry. She threw me to the ground and started punching me. After a while I didn’t know what was happening.

When I woke up, I was in the hospital. My parents were at my side waiting for me to wake up. My mom said since I was taking a long time to arrive home, she went looking for me, and when she found me I was on the ground unconscious. So she took me to the hospital. Then she told me, “Somebody wants to see you.”

When I saw the door, Melanie was there. She said that she was sorry, but I didn’t need to forgive her. She said she was jealous because everybody was my friends, unlike her. Since she was small, nobody liked her.

After that she tried to leave, but I grabbed her shirt’s sleeve and said, “I forgive you.”

From that moment on we were best friends.

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