The Lions behind the Computer
Wendy, Age 11, San Pablo, CA
                      Mean people threaten me
over cyberspace.
These lions behind the computer
keep attacking me.
They shred my feelings into pieces.
They make me feel afraid
by pushing me into an emotional cage.
How can I stop them? What can I do?
Should I tell my friends?
Or my teacher?
Or my parents?
Or accept this as a part of my life?
My life remains a disaster
without knowing what to do.
Nobody knows how I feel.
But my heart understands
what must be done.
It begins by standing up
for what’s right.
And never giving up!
I shouldn’t run from this fight.
This is about me and everyone else!

Because cyber bullying is wrong.
Nobody should feel afraid.
Nobody should feel intimidated.
So, if you are a person
who attacks other people
with vicious messages,
please stop doing it!
Think about what you are doing.
So please!
Think before you post.
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