An Unexpected Two-Year-Old Visitor to Our Classroom
Alfonso, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a sunny, beautiful morning school day. Birds were chirping, and students were working on their math assignments. Suddenly, we heard a loud knock on the classroom: when the door opened, a crying little girl came storming inside our classroom.

She wore colorful leggings that looked like the rainbow colors. Her sweater was as colorful as Skittles; her hair was brown, puffy, and curly with a white bow and red polka dots.

The little girl was lost and kept running around the classroom as if she were in a marathon. She began saying, “Mommy? Where’s my mommy?!” My teacher had no idea what to do, but suddenly the little girl stopped running and screaming.

My teacher, named Mr. Howard, was wearing a black, bright green sweater, and black jeans with some Adidas running shoes. He stood up from his desk and sprinted towards the door. He bent over and said, “What’s wrong, little girl?” and the girl mumbled, “I'm lost. I can’t find my mommy.”
That’s when Mr. Howard asked her her mom’s name, and she answered “It’s Isabel.”

We didn’t know what the little girl was looking at until she ran to a stuffed animal. She hugged the stuffed animal and began playing with it. My teacher approached the little girl and slowly tried to take the stuffed animal away from the little girl, but the little girl yelled, “Noooooo! Mine!”

My teacher tried really hard to take the stuffed animal away from the little girl, but the little girl didn’t cooperate. My teacher gave up and decided to let the little girl play with it until they found her mom.

The little girl got bored and the teacher still hadn't found her mom. She was looking around the class to see what she could play with when she spotted a copy of the character “Dora” that the teacher had printed for her so that she wouldn’t start crying because her mom wasn’t there to play with her. She grabbed the copy and started singing, “Do-do-do-do-do-Dora! Do-do-do-do-do-Dora! Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer. Boots, that super cool exploradora,” and so on. The teacher started singing along with her for a while until she finished the song. Although she was really shy to talk to the class, she talked a little bit to some of my classmates.

The girl had been lost for a while and my teacher decided to call the office. The teacher called the office and asked them if they could announce on the loud speaker that there is a lost child in Room 223 that has colorful leggings and a colorful sweater on. The office secretary told my teacher that the loud speaker wasn't working and that they were going to fix the problem later in the afternoon. That meant that we were going to be stuck with the little girl until the speaker was fixed.

Once we finished math, the teacher told us we were going to be working more on our science projects. The class had totally forgotten that the little girl was in our class because the little girl was so quiet coloring the Dora copy and playing with the stuffed animal. Since the class forgot the little girl was here, they just started working on their science projects and took out their science equipment. The little girl saw everyone getting stuff out of their backpacks and was very curious what they had. The little girl immediately got up from her chair and started running around the class to see what she could find to play with.

One student said out loud, “Teacher, the little girl is trying to take our science equipment!”

My teacher said he had totally forgotten the little girl was here. We were just going to have to work on our science projects with the little girl bothering us. Now that the little girl had seen we had interesting things, she wanted to take everything she saw. I had totally forgotten the little girl was here too, and once the teacher reminded the class she was still here, I thought the little girl wouldn’t know I had candy because I had the candy in little bowls.

I started to pick the people I wanted to do the taste test on with no worries of the little girl taking my candy. I had tested two people already, but on the third person I turned around to get a new pencil because my pencil from before had lost all its lead. Once I turned back around I saw the little girl getting a bunch of candy from the bowls. Luckily, I grabbed her tiny hand. I tried to open her fist. I said out loud, “Someone help me take the candy away from the little girl.” My friend Daniel helped me open her fist.

I wasn’t sure if the little girl was going to cry or not. I don’t know why I thought that because immediately the little girl started crying and crying. My teacher went to the little girl and asked what had happened and the little girl said, “Candy candy,” while pointing at me. My teacher asked me if it was true, and I said the candy was for my science project. My teacher told the little girl she couldn’t have candy. The teacher regretted saying that because the little girl started crying and crying. My teacher told me to give her a little bit of candy. I had no choice, but to give the crying, little, whiney girl my candy. I gave the little girl some of my candy and she immediately stopped crying. I went back to work on my science project with the leftover candy I had.

Suddenly, we heard the phone ring. I thought the call was for my friend Daniel because he had told me that he was going to have a doctor's appointment, but the call was for the little girl. My teacher said that the little girl was the daughter of one of the school secretaries, and that she had gone to a meeting that was urgent. She had no place to leave her daughter, so she told her to stay in the office until she came back, but the little girl curiously left the office and came to our class. The secretary came to our class and said she was sorry if she had bothered anyone. My teacher asked what her name was, and the secretary said her name was Isabel. She approached the little girl, but the little girl started crying because she knew she was going to leave. The secretary was trying to calm her by saying that she could come visit another time if it was fine with my teacher. My teacher said it was okay with him, but the little girl didn’t stop crying. I had some extra jelly beans left so I decided to give the little girl some so that she would get distracted by the candy. She moved closer to the little girl and she didn’t start crying. Then she picked up the girl and left the classroom. It was then time for recess and the class got in line as if nothing had happened that morning.

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