Legion of Bitter Sunsets
Victoria, Age 13, Greeneville, TN
                      A jump with the thunder
A plunge into trouble
Cruel freeze in a bottomless pit
Dive into the deep
Cackling laughter
Roaming silence…

Crippled flower
Polluted roses intertwined
Shade of sour nostalgia
Broken symphony
Morose merrymaking

Impending doom, imminent gloom
Burst of fire, roar of a lion
Worried wolves; splintering dusk
Moon cracking; broken lightning
Skeleton in a dream
A crashing roll from the cliffs
Unknown number shrouded in subtlety
To lean on a fractured forest

Twisted footstep; fatal accident
Expulsion from Eden
End of the Titanic; climax of Ananias
Free fall-in; irreversible mistake
End of grace; hope asleep
To sing the tune of bondage the way a caged bird squeaks
To be scrutinized under shifting glass
Secrets choked out
A web of lies tossed on an altar

Where the moribund warriors embrace
Valley of Jordan; shadow of Sheol
Hour of darkness; voiceless mourning
A finishing breath; silent death.
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ISSN 1703-3020

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