No More Bullies
Jannely. Age 11. San Pablo, CA

A girl named Janice got bullied every day. She was called names, and the bullies dropped her books. One day, Janice finally told her mom she got bullied.

“Mom, I’m tired of getting bullied.”

Her mom said, “What are you talking about?,” looking confused.

“I been getting bullied every single day.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I thought I could fix it by myself.”

“OK, I think we should go to sleep.”

The next morning, Janice woke up and got ready. Janice was wearing a pink sweater, with jeans and Uggs boots. She was walking to school; then a bully came and said that she was ugly.

Janice screamed, “STOP!”

The bully shoved her to the floor and said, “You are not the boss of me.” The bully’s name was Billy. He grabbed her and said, “If you do that again, you are going to regret it.” Janice looked frightened.

Billy the Bully said, “Get ready to give me your lunch money.”

Nobody stopped Billy. But this time, Janice stood up for herself.

Janice said to the bully, “Stop picking on me or else I going to tell the principal about you.”

The bully laughed at her: “HAHAHA.”

Janice said, “Why are you bullying me? What did I do wrong? You’re just Billy the Bulldog Bully at the school.”

Billy said, “If you want to act like that then watch what going to happen to you.”

Janice said, “NO! I’m going to stand up for myself till I die.”

Then it was the end of the day. Janice was scared to tell her mom what had happened, so Janice said to Billy, “I’m not scared of you.” Billy got mad at her and he tried to fight her, and Janice had to defend herself. She grabbed his hand and ran home to her mom. Then she told her mom and her mom called the police. The police went to Billy’s house and put him in jail. Now Janice isn’t scared any more. She is free at last.

Janice said, “Now I am a free girl,” looking so happy.

Janice jumped up and down. Now she could do whatever she wanted, and she would not be bullied anymore.

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