Cat Trouble
Grace. Age 12. Edson, AB

I think the best part about summer is road trips. Long road trips, like you and your family driving around Jasper, sight-seeing from the inside of your car, or maybe even driving across Alberta. Or the small ones, like driving to the ice cream shop and getting an ice cream sundae with your family.

The only bad part about road trips is leaving a certain someone at home. Your cat. My cat's name is Spade, and Spade is a very, very strange cat. He always acts like a human. For example, he'll only eat his cat food if it’s served in the same type of dish that humans use, and he always needs three napkins and a polished spoon. Another example of how he acts like a human is whenever I leave my books out in the living room, and go back to get them, my bookmark is misplaced, and Spade is mysteriously beside my book.

Sadly, my family had to cut road trips short because of these mysterious things that happen at our home when we're gone. Boxes of Oreos gone missing. Party streamers all over the place, along with candy wrappers and soda cans. And the TV is always turned on to a comedy movie, even though we all swear we turned it off before we left.

My parents think it's burglars. My little brother thinks it's a secret spy ninja agent. I think it's Spade.

When I told my family that it must be Spade doing all this, they couldn't stop laughing, even though my idea was more logical than my brother's. Right?

Nevertheless, we still had to find out who was causing all this trouble. So before we left for our road trip, Dad set a whole bunch of cameras inside our home. Secret cameras.

So, we left, and had a five-day-long road trip driving to Calgary and Red Deer. It was so much fun, but that's for another story. Anyway, when we got back, we saw the house in its usual state. Oreo boxes…party streamers…candy wrappers…But we didn't panic this time. Dad just took down our cameras, and the family huddled around our party-streamer and candy littered living room to watch the tape.

The first five minutes or so of the tape were normal. Nothing strange. And then, suddenly, in the tape, our front door burst open, and a dark, hooded figure came into our house.

"A burglar!" Mom and Dad exclaimed.

Then the hooded figure/burglar karate-kicked our kitchen door open, and using world class martial arts skills, opened five packs of Oreos in less than twenty seconds. He also spoke into this mysterious device.

"A secret spy ninja agent!" my brother shouted.

The hooded figure/burglar/spy/ninja/agent went into our living room and put on Netflix, and started to watch a comedy movie. And suddenly, the most bizarre thing ever happened.

The figure took off his dark cape and out came...


Orange cats, black cats, polka-dotted cats and even striped ones.

And, of course, Spade.

The rest of the tape was Spade watching Your Favorite Comedy Movie with a dozen cat friends, and having a party with streamers and candy.

After the tape was finished, Spade lazily walked into the room, obviously not expecting us to be there. When he noticed us with the camera, he froze.

"You are in big trouble, mister," Mom said, shaking her head.

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