Helping a New Friend
Alfonso. Age 11. San Pablo, CA

School was almost out and I was in my sixth period English class. The sun was as bright as a diamond ring and the clouds were so puffy they looked like cotton candy.

Suddenly I heard someone scream, “Leave me alone!” I saw a kid being teased by two older kids. I felt guilty and sad for that kid because no one in the school should be teased.

The kid was a boy, shorter than the kids he was being teased by, and he looked a little bit overweight. His hair was brown, and he had light skin and brown eyes. He had ripped pants, a long shirt, and dirty shoes. His eyes seemed to be saying, “Help me.”
I didn’t want to approach the situation because I thought the two older kids would tease the person who would stand up for the kid who was getting teased. So, I just went back to what I was working on.

Once school was over, I searched on the Internet to find out whether what the older kids were doing to the boy who was being teased had a specific name. I found out that what the older kids were doing to the younger kid was called “verbal bullying.” Verbal bullying is when a kid gets teased or laughed at because of his or her appearance or behavior.

The next day, I went to my math class and a new boy came to the class. The new boy was the boy that was being teased by the two older kids. The boy had to sit next to me while we got a new place for him to sit at because my partner in math class had gone to Denver, Colorado, for a month. My math teacher gave us some work to do in partners. This was my chance to help the boy and to find out more things about him and his life.

The boy who sat next to me was wearing a black V-Neck t-shirt with jogger pants which were ripped from the left side. His name was Pablo; he has hazelnut colored hair and blue eyes.

I asked him if he knew the three bullies that were teasing him the day before. He answered that they were from his old school and they moved here because their school was going to be rebuilt. He also said, “I got bullied by them at my old school, too, and that the guy with the blue shirt that bullied me yesterday is named Jose, and the other one is named Michael.”

Jose is a skinny guy; he looks like a thirteen year old. He’s an African American and has brown eyes.

Michael is a skinny guy. He looks a bit younger than Jose, he has freckles all over his face, and he has red contacts that make it look like he hasn’t slept in a while.

Class ended and Pablo and I headed to lunch. On the way there we saw Jose and Michael. We ran towards the cafeteria; we thought that Jose and Michael were following us. I looked back and they weren't there. I thought they didn’t see us, but then I realized they were behind a student trying to hide and sneak up on us. That was when a teacher stopped us and told us, “Stop running.”

We walked from there to the cafeteria and grabbed our lunch. We sat down and I asked Pablo about his life and when he started to get bullied. Pablo told me that his parents got in a lot of arguments and that was why he had never told his parents what was happening to him at school. He had also told me that his bullying problem started in 6th grade when his little sister passed away. He was a really happy and smart kid, but when his little sister died he lost it—he lost his happiness and started to get distracted in class. That was also when his parents started to argue all the time and didn’t bother to ask how Pablo was doing in school. I felt really sorry for him and changed the subject. The bell rang and we left the cafeteria.

I asked Pablo what his next class was and he told me he had science next. I was really surprised because I had science next, too. We walked to science class and once we got there I saw Michael and Jose. Michael and Jose saw us and smiled at us as if they were going to do something mean to us. We went to our seats, but Pablo had to sit by himself because he was new at school. Pablo went to his seat, but when Pablo was about to sit down, Michael pulled the chair and Pablo fell down. I ran to Pablo and asked if he was okay. Luckily, he was okay, and soon class started.

Once school was over, I went to my house and started to think about how Michael and Jose knew Pablo had science class. The next day I asked Pablo if he had his schedule, and he said he had lost it and asked a secretary if she could give him a new one. I was sure Michael and Jose took Pablo’s schedule from his backpack. I was tired of seeing Pablo sad and decided to tell a teacher. When school was over, I went to a teacher I’ve known for as long as I’ve been at the school, and I told him that my friend was being bullied. Mr. Hamilton asked me who was bullying my friend, and I told him it was these two boys named Michael and Jose.

Mr. Hamilton is a chubby guy. He has cheeks that look like ham and that’s why they call him “Mr. Hamilton.” He has blue eyes and light brown hair.

Mr. Hamilton told me he was going to tell the principal about the problem and ask him to talk to Michael and Jose so that they could understand that verbal bullying is a way to hurt people’s feelings. I told him that the principal should also talk to Pablo’s parents and tell them that something was happening to their son.

I told Pablo the next day that Mr. Hamilton was going to tell the principal that Michael and Jose were bothering him and that the principal was going to have a talk with Pablo’s parents. Pablo told me it wasn’t going to make a difference, but I immediately said it was going to make a difference. That day the principal went to Pablo’s house and talked to his parents about what was happening to their son at school. He also said that they should pay more attention to him. Next, the principal talked to Michael and Jose. He said that what they were doing was wrong and that if they bothered Pablo again they were going to be suspended.

The principal told me that Pablo’s parents were going to try their best not to argue and pay attention to their son more; he also told me that Michael and Jose were going to stop bothering Pablo. The last thing the principal told me was that I did a very good job of telling the teachers what was happening to my friend. I then went to Pablo and told him everything the principal told me. From this I learned that we should always tell a trusted adult if someone is bullying us at school.

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