The Paw that Started It All
Katelyn. Age 13. Doylestown, PA

I stared through the glass, happiness bubbling inside me. The orange eyes stared right back. “Meow!” spoke his mouth. Soft and sweet. The mellifluous sound washed over me, the sound I would never forget. And he would never let me forget. The sweet cat put his paw through the hole in the glass case as if he were selling himself. Pick Me! Pick Me! I reached out to touch the paw, and I could hear purring from beyond the wall of glass. I had never met such a benevolent cat. I shifted my gaze to the paper messily put on the cage, wrinkled and crooked. “Dorito,” it said. Four months old. Good with other animals. Smiling, overflowing with joy, I spun and rushed from the room, coming back thirty seconds later with my mom. The cat once more said, “Meow!” and placed his paw on the glass, purring and saying “Hi.” I felt a smile spreading across my face. Dorito—yes, like the chip—was the name of this creature, and I knew I could never leave him here. I turned to my mom, my smile bright, hope inside me. Then she said it. The words I did not want to hear. “I don’t know if we can handle him.” In a second, emotions plagued me, sadness, anger, then sadness again, then determination. I would prove I could take care of this cat.

The next week passed in a daze. Camp, home, take care of mean cat (my other one), sleep… Then came Friday. And the words I had been waiting for came. “I guess you can get him.” I smiled at the cat that was now mine. The worker lifted him, a purring ball of fuzz, out of the cage and onto the floor. He was so little! He purred and purred. Legs hurting, heart smiling, I threw toys for him, fake mice, fuzzy balls, and we even played Get the Laser! He was like a wind-up toy, coiled and ready to go. And when he ran out of energy, all you had to do was pet him, rub him behind the ears, and Pounce! He was off! He was a little kitten, constantly in motion. Of all the cats we’d had before, this is the one cat that liked me. Well, he liked everyone; he was the sweetest cat ever. So, this had to be the best cat EVER!

The next day I sat in the car, a purring box beside me. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face! He was mine! I had done it! And I knew this cat would change my life. He would change it for the better. It was a summer day when I first saw him, but I had no idea his one little voice, which he uses quite a lot, could make a difference. And now that I reflect on this, I think, how could it not?

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