Yuvraj. Age 15. Lagos, Nigeria
                      It was raining everywhere,
People were running here and there.
Children swinging their arms,
Picking up mud in their palms.

A storm was coming,
People were praying,
They were praying to god,
To stop the storm.

Alas, the storm came,
With a heavy bane
The people were still confident,
God will take away storm and rain.

The god gave them a boon,
That storm and rain will go away soon.
It came true at last,
This change was very fast.

People prayed to god again,
Thanked him for what they gained.
Because it was a Sunday,
It seemed like a fun day.

They were not hurt at all,
They can go for shopping at mall.
They all thanked god,
For he was the biggest in all.
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