Jennifer, Age 15, Richmond, BC

It was an early September morning
As I stepped into my office.
The sun was shining through the windows,
So beautiful and so bright.
I sat to do my work
As one by one employees came.
Later on everyone arrived,
Sitting alone and quietly working.
Everyone looked up,
hearing such a loud sound.
Everyone looked so confused, looked around,
While the sound grew louder and louder.
In an instant my body hit the ground.
As I shook it off, I stood up to see...
People lying on the floor,
along with chairs, papers, desks.
I was hurt and confused;
didn't know what had happened.
I looked out my window
that was no longer there...
to see a gaping hole...
In the building next to mine.
I stood with the other employees
Staring across in amazement.
Some time passed by
As we stood and watched.
Then, we all heard another loud roar.
All workers, including me...
Ran for the door.
As our floor started running down the stairs,
I saw others from above and below doing the same.
Before I knew it, I was on the floor again,
Feeling pain all over,
I looked up to see
No floor above me.
Smoke was everywhere,
And I couldn't breathe.
I headed for the next door, scared and hurt.
I got inside the office and sat down, scared stiff.
Things were getting quiet, besides the sounds from outside.
A man walked up to me,
And told me to get up, everything was fine.
Feeling safe and secure, the man led me outside,
Where the paramedics took me away to be treated.
I sat and watched,
The fireman who saved me, ran back inside.
A few minutes had passed. Then one by one...
The towers fell.
Both, shattering broken glass
And pieces of metal.
I watched years of history
And never ending memories,
one of New York's and the world's
most important buildings
I remembered the fireman, and so many more
who risked their lives for mine.
Now somewhere in the fallen buildings,
under thousands of pounds of metal.
Their lives slipping away,
just because they risked so one day.
*This is dedicated to all firemen and innocent lives who died doing their job on September 11, 2001 trying to save lives. And as they did, for that they will never be forgotten.
Remember 9/11

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