A Chick Is Born
Cara, Age 9, Vernon, BC

I am a chick. I was born in Classroom Number 8 in BX School.  I remember when I was in the egg on Day 3. My heart  was formed and... it was beating! Day 7, and I am now a fetus with  eyes, skin, wings and feet. By Day 15 I have feathers and only a little yolk is left. On Day 20 I push my beak into the air space and I start using my lungs to breath.

Day 22 and I hatch! It is my birthday! I was sitting in my egg shell and it was really scary. I saw about 80 eyes staring at me so I burrowed right back into my shell. But someone took the top egg shell off. I was frightened! Then I saw 2 other chicks. Their names were Chirp and Cheep Jr. and they said my name was Blackie because I was black. I looked around. I was not in a chicken coop or in my mother's nest, I was in a cage with a big red light above it. I began looking for my mother. I searched and searched but all I saw was two other chicks, a water dish and a food dish.

All of a sudden an enormous hand put an egg in the cage. The egg had a little beak sticking out. In a few minutes the egg was open. It was a gold chick with stripes on its back. He seemed really weak and eventually he died.

Then I got really really scared. I wanted to leave and find my mom. So at night time I tried to get out. Then Chirp and Cheep woke up and saw I was having troubles so they piled up on each other. Suddenly I was at the top! It looked like a long way down but I had to jump. BOOM! I was at the bottom.

I looked around. This place looked a lot bigger than that scary cage. Then I walked and walked.  This was probably a giant's house.  Finally I came to the giant's door but it was so large I couldn't open it.  Suddenly a big crowd of people came dashing down the hall and out the door so I ran out the door right after them.

I was in a big world and I came to a big grey ribbon with metal tires running on it.  I very carefully crossed it.  Then I was back in hay.  I peered around, all I saw was a humongous horse, some cows and two muddy pigs but no chickens.  So I went to the humongous horse and asked him if he knew where my mommy was, but he just turned around and galloped away.

I was getting lonely and it was starting to rain as hard as bricks falling on me so I went into a big barn.  I fell asleep.  Then three big dogs came in and started chasing me out.  I started to get cold out in the rain so I went to a different but much smaller barn.  In the little barn there was only hay and a whole bunch of white balls.  There was a whole bunch of chicks and... a chicken!

I finally found my brothers, sisters and my mom, and that's the story of how I got home.

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