Martin, Age 14, Ipswich, Australia

Love is a feeling
Tearing me apart
It rips out my inside,
takes away my heart
Yet when love is on the positive
And you're with the one you love
There is nothing feels better
It fits like a glove
Feelings may be mixed
And I know of the sorrow
But forget of all troubled times
And think of the morrow
For then I shall be with my love
For whom only I care
And when I look in her eye
I think of all that's fair
No price is worth this pain called love
It's buried inside me, deep
Yet someone has just dug it out
It's forcing me to sleep
This endless, eternal slumber
It's darkness through and through
Someone please awaken me
Before it breaks my heart in two
For even though I like it here
Beneath these burning coals
I want to be awakened
Released to fulfill my goals

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