Sarah's Stars

Eric Walters. Rebound
Stoddart Kids, ISBN 0-7736-7485-3  $7.99  262 pg.

Eric Walters, author and school teacher, writes a novel every year. Some of his books you may have read include: The Money Pit Mystery, Northern Exposures, and many more. Of the three I've read, all excellent, I was truly awed by Rebound. It could have been the characters' attitudes, or their situations, but the plot enthralled me.

David was a basketball star, an excellent player, so good that he was already starting to attract university and college scouts. Then, a terrible accident left him trapped in a wheelchair.   

Sean, one of the school delinquents, was in major trouble all last year.  He hung out with the wrong people, got into a lot of fights and was suspended numerous times. Unfortunately, this year starts off no better, and due to a first-day-back-to-school fight, Sean is forced into being a host. The job ... to show the new boy, David, around the school.

I would give this novel about growing up five stars, and recommend it to boys and girls ages 12 and up.


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