The Dragon Gang (Part 1)
Maddie, Age 11, Wolfville, NS

Gaki leaped over a fallen log. Something was coming  through the trees, a huge line of demons. She turned and sprinted to a tree. Swiftly she climbed to a large branch.

"Yoru had better get here fast!" she thought, because demons happen to have very good hearing. Just then Yoru rode up on a jet black horse.

"Come down here" she said sharply.

"I can't" Gaki wailed "I'm stuck!. Just go get Saikyou instead."

"Get down or I'll blast that branch!"

Gaki was so scared that she fainted and Yoru caught her on the horse's rump. They rode off towards the dragon gang's camp. A huge form blotted out the moon.

"It's a great dragon!" whispered Yoru.

Saikyou was sitting in front of a blazing fire when Yoru rode up.

"Gaki decided to fight off a pack of demons alone," she said through a fit of loud giggles.

"I see the she fainted, you should have been there sooner," replied Saikyou, who was poking Gaki.

A loud crash sounded out over the woods behind them.

"What was that!?" whimpered Gaki, sitting up and then falling off the back of the horse.

Saikyou drew her sword, Yoru raised her leg, ready to kick and Gaki tried to draw her bow, but was shaking so much that all she could do was make snuffling noises. Another sound came, and something staggered out of the tree line.

" Dragon gang forward!" yelled Saikyou and Yoru charging at the thing. Gaki let out a wail and sank down on her knees.

"Stop! I'm a friend!" yelled the thing.

Yoru stopped kicking, and Gaki stopped wailing. The dark shape stepped into the fire light. It was a short, blonde girl who couldn't be older than twelve.

"What did you attack me for?" she burst into tears and kicked Saikyou in the shins.

"That's Haru," thought Saikyou. "How did she get here, mother will be so worried!"

"This is Haru, she must have a stone......"

"How do you know my name!? Are you a spy?" she asked, surprised. "I only came to look for my sister, she's been missing for a month at least!"

Gaki looked at Haru, then Saikyou.

"Gee, they really look the same!" she hissed to Yoru. "Is Saikyou her sister?"

"How should I know, why don't you ask her?"

"I  worked at the place last year, the dragon princess and her sister are known all over the country."

"What's your name?"

Saikyou looked worried. "Ummm, it's Biji"

"You're lying, no one named Biji worked at the castle."

Saikyou changed the subject. "Tomorrow I'll help you find your sister, just go sleep over there." She pointed at a cart full of hay.

Haru slowly walked over and lay down in the hay. When she fell asleep Gaki ran over to Saikyou.

"Is she your sister? Is she?"

"No, but she has a magic stone, she has an earring."

"What color is it?"

"It's pink or orange."

Something fell at Gaki and latched itself on her arm.

To be Continued.

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