Bullying Stops Here!!!
Adrian. Age 11. San Pablo, CA

 It was a boring old day when a moving truck appeared. A kid walked up to me and yelled, “Um, hi, um, do you know where the nearest store is?“

“Yeah, you go down the street and then you turn left, and you’ll see it from there.“
“Thanks. My name is Anthony, I’m new in the neighborhood,’’ he replied.

The next day I saw Anthony, and I saw Mark Packer, the neighborhood bully. I walked to Anthony's house so Mark wouldn't do anything to Anthony. I explained to Anthony why he should stay away from Mark at all times, and for the next week he did exactly as I told him. I started to get an idea of how Mark could be made to stay away from the both Anthony and me. We came up with a plan to get Mark to embarrass himself, and we would videotape him, but it would be tricky because he is a big and tall bully. The next day we were ready to get payback from that big mean bully, so for the night we stayed up texting about the plan.

“Hey bro what r u doing?”

“nothing just thinking if the plan will work.”

“do you think it will work or nah ???”

“just go to sleep and we will find out tomorrow OK.”

The day after that we were still planning, and we realized we were acting like bullies. I am not one, so I said, “Dude, let’s not do this to him because we will face the consequences.”

“You’re right. He’s probably been through a lot of problems. Let’s go inside and play some games.”


Anthony and I were friends until he moved away and a new kid showed up. “Here we go again,” I said and another adventure had begun.
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