Tyler. Age 13. PA

There were only about five minutes left in the game on the Philadelphia fields. The score was tied. Zero goals for Buckingham United, and zero goals for Penn Academy. My teammates were afraid to lose, but we all knew that if we scored one goal we would win.

After trial and error, copious times, there is a breakaway. Michael, my teammate, takes the ball down the center of the field with opponents dashing after him. He gets closer to the goal. Everyone is watching, wondering, “Will he score?” People are cheering him on, waiting, watching, anxious to find out if this is the moment. The moment that changes everything. The moment of victory. He’s even closer now, the goalkeeper approaching him and getting ready. The shot is imminent. Everyone knows this is it, the big moment of truth. Michael shoots the ball and falls to the ground with a slide. The ball hits the keeper. I thought he would miss, everyone had some doubt. But that’s when the amazing happens. Fabian, another one of my teammates, comes running up and slides. He hits the ball and it goes into the net.


Faces full of pride, Fabian and Michael get up off the ground and run. They run to their teammates. My teammates and I run to Fabian and Michael and celebrate. My coach even runs out on the field! We are all happy and filled with joy at our last minute goal. There are cheers everywhere. Except from the other team, Penn Academy. They are angry. As angry as a fox who lost its dinner. They know that if they do not score they will lose. Our celebration ends at the whistle of the referee signalling the kick-off. And I have hopes we could win.

After a tough time of defending our goal and staying ahead, and what feels like an eternity, the game ends. We have won. The moments of anxiety and fear are over. We know. The parents know. Everyone knows that we have won the division. We celebrate again, but, of course, not Penn Academy. They are angry, crying even! But especially the parents and coach. They are shouting words of anger and surrounding the referee. They thought we paid him off! It is pandemonium! Luckily, the problem is solved as the Penn Academy coach yells at the ref. Angry and pessimistic, the group breaks up. My team and I line up and high five the morose team.

I couldn’t believe we won! We beat Penn Academy. We only lost one game this season. It is impossible to explain the happiness in the air. My teammates and I walk over to the soccer nets on the field. As we line up, the happy parents take pictures to remember this amazing victory as the sun shines down on us like a spotlight in a play.

With a smile across our faces stretching a mile long, we leave the field, knowing one thing. We are champions. And champions get trophies. We are all anxious to get our trophies of victory over our division. I am so excited to get such a meaningful trophy. In those last five minutes, the game didn’t end as a tie, but a win for my team. This moment goes to show that even in tough times, the light will always shine brighter.

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