Connecting Two Worlds
Cayia. Age 13. PA

We were standing in the dull room, lit up by the glow of snow. I could hear the laughs, cries, cheers, and chatters for miles. Flashing lights everywhere you turn. Everyone was in beautiful gowns and suits, getting ready for the biggest emotional roller coaster of our lives. Legs wobble, feet stumble, and we drift off into our own room to just goof off and have fun. SNAP. The picture is taken. SNAP. Another one. Dozens and dozens but one is just right. It’s finally time.

Lined up with men on the right and women on the left. Wobble. Separate. She is as beautiful as a flower blooming on a summer day. She slowly glides with her father—my brave grandfather—wrapped around her arm tightly, never wanting to let go of his sweet little girl. Sobbing is heard from myriad families around the room, about to be united together. Looking ridiculous, my hands are shaking and I am trying to smile. But I can’t help but shed a tear. I love when you see the people you care about take an enormous step towards their happiness.

Snow is glistening in the background almost as if we were in a movie. Nicole—the beautiful bride—finally reaches the end of the stretched out walkway and receives a kiss on the forehead from her delirious father. Silence. Adam—the funny, gracious groom—reaches out and they lock hands as well as eyes. They can’t help but laugh as the silver circle bounces off the ground and the golden one onto the wrong muscular hand. The aisle is blank, no more as streaks light up the room. Mellifluous tracks play in our mind as our voices are all people hear. We laugh like there’s no tomorrow and dance like there nobody there. I think: Making memories—the best night of our lives.

“Congratulations” is what comes from the crowd as they shuffle out the door. The laughs, cries, cheers and chattering fade out over miles. Family can be your best friend, supportive, smiling, and providing all the love that you need.

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