Ding Dong Ditch
Jason. Age 14. PA

It was a few days before Halloween 2012, a cold, dry, spooky day, when it all took place. My parents had gone to the grocery store and it was around 6:00 pm. I had wanted to play Ding Dong Ditch ever since the first day of October, and it was the perfect time without my parents home, so I invited my friend Jacob over. It was 6:45 when we started and by 7:00 we had already ditched more than six houses.

There was one house that we hadnt gone to yet, and it had a myriad of hiding spots. I had decided that this would be the last house because my parents would be coming back shortly. As we approached the house, it was my turn to ring the doorbell. As I slowly and nervously walked to the door of the brown stone, black roofed, many windowed house I could only think, I hope no one sees me through the windows of the house. But just then, when I was ten inches away from the door, all time seemed to stop, and it opened. It was the man who lived in the house. Luckily, I was wearing a light green jacket and, heart pounding like a drum, I plopped down on the grass and blended in before the man could see me. The man (who we call Mr. Hanson) had gone out to get his mail. As I thanked god for him not seeing me, I made sure to stay absolutely still, but my luck ran out once I realized what else was coming out of the house. It was a full grown Doberman.

Fear struck through my body once I noticed that it had caught my scent and locked eyes with me. Out of pure reflex, I managed to jump off my back into a full run. The dog darted after me, and somehow I was a good foot ahead of the dog. But that changed quickly and within seconds I could see its wet, slobbery drool and feel its warm, powerful breath steaming on my skin. I kept running for what felt like forty minutes. I thought to myself, Im going to run out of energy before this dog does and when that happens Im done for!! But I had lucked out and thankfully there was an invisible fence and the dogs collar shocked him and scared the dog away. As I reached the street, I found my friend on the ground laughing. All I heard was a loud HAHAHA. At first I was angry but then I realized that it had to have looked hilarious and I started laughing with him. Although Ding Dong Ditching is really fun to me, I will now always make sure I know whom Im messing with and will always be more cautious when it comes to scenarios that require careful attention. We later returned to my house and swore never to tell my parents of this ever. But that plan soon went down the drain once Mr. Hanson talked to my parents and a certain conversation came up.

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