Haunted Friendship
McKenna. Age 13. PA

This past summer I got to go down to the beach with my great friend Elizabeth. The whole ride there we blasted music and danced crazily; it was like a never ending ride though. It felt like seven hours but in reality it was only two. My brother and his good friend, Mikey, were already there. As Elizabeth, my mom, and I were pulling up to the hotel, we saw Mike and Collin riding their long boards up to meet us. We unpacked the car and brought everything up to our hotel rooms; I was sharing one with Elizabeth. We spent our days on the beach, lying down tanning in the glimmering sun. I’ve always been the type of person to go into the water, but this year no one would go in with me other than Elizabeth. We would be in there for hours, time would just fly.

Every day we would leave the beach and go to the boardwalk for lunch. It was the hot wood under my feet that I remember the most about the boardwalk. Every step came along with a little creaking noise, the smell of pizza and the fresh ocean air. You just knew that the people around you were making memories on this boardwalk that would live on forever. I still remember the first time I got pizza there, the hot melting cheese spilling onto the plate. Every lunch, Elizabeth and I would smile and laugh. Lunch may seem like such a small part of the trip, but it’s a part of the trip that sticks in my mind like gum to the bottom of your shoe.

After the beach, we would all go back to the hotel, shower and change. We would sit down waiting for someone to get out of the shower so the person next in line could go, and as we were all sitting down we would tell jokes. Once everyone was ready, we would all walk back to the boardwalk and go on all the rides together—like a big family.

There was this one ride that I remember: The Ghost Ship, a walk through maze kind of thing. People jumped out, touching and whispering to you. With every single step there was a creak. It was eerily quiet. In a moment, I screamed. Thoughts were rushing through my head… Why did I do this? Why did I agree? A cold rough hand ran through my hair. I turned, like in a movie, screaming to Elizabeth as she jumped up. Her blonde curly hair bouncing and flying in different directions, she bumped into Mikey. I jumped forward. I heard, “You have nice hair,” then there was creak and the person was gone. For the rest of the time walking through the Ghost Ship, Elizabeth and I stayed together. This made me feel safer. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Soon after we got out of the Ghost Ship, it was already midnight. The rides were closing down, lines were short, and everyone was going home. As everyone was walking back to the hotel, Elizabeth and I stopped for a midnight snack and met everyone back at the room.

Once we all got back to the hotel room, we sat and talked, blasted the music and danced, not caring about the rooms nearby. Everyone was so happy. Smiles grew bigger; so did the bond between all of us. A friendship is something you will need forever and always.

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