Home Run
Andrew. Age 12. PA

It was a sweltering hot day and very sunny. All of my teammates were sweating, drinking all the water they had. We rejoiced when there was a breeze. I was finally up to bat. Cheering, my teammates were excited. I stepped up to the plate. Knowing a lot about how to bat well, I knew exactly what to do. I locked my fingers into place, “knocking knuckles” lined up. Feet set, shoulder-width apart, bat at my shoulders. The pitcher pitched the ball. This was the time. I was a tiger ready to pounce on its prey. I let the first pitch go by because it was outside, a ball. Second pitch: Same process. It looked like a strike. Weight shift, lift up leg, turn hips, swing! Crack! I bolted down to first base. Five steps in, I looked to find the ball as I had been instructed to do at practices. It was all the way in left field, over the fielder’s head!

I ran for second base, and they overthrew it, but the second baseman was not there because he was the one trying to get it in the first place! This allowed an open path to third. I was like a cheetah at the rate I was running at. The first baseman managed to get the ball and throw it to third, but I was long gone. I looked to find the ball again. I was well on my way to home when the third baseman threw it. He threw, but there was no hope. (It was not that great of a throw anyway.) The catcher had to run to get the ball. “Safe!” the umpire called as I slid into home.

You could tell many of the coaches of the other team were not so happy. Nevertheless, at that moment, I had just hit my first home run. Sure, it wasn’t over the fence like most of them, but it counted and that was all that mattered to me—and the score. I was greeted in the dugout with high fives and helmet slams, and I felt like a pro.

We later won that game. I got the game ball with “Home Run” written in large letters across the side. No matter how many bad looks I got from the other team, no one could stifle my happiness about my first home run. Later that night, I got to eat at a restaurant of my choice. Even with these little rewards, it felt like I had done something bigger. Sure, it was still hot that day and we were all sweating, but at least there was something to be happy about.

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