Sixth Grade Luau!
Chris. Age 13. New Hope, PA

It is a warm, crisp afternoon in early June. Everything is silent. SLAM! A car door whacks shut and four boys are talking and joking around with each other while hopping in the car. Where are they headed exactly? Their sixth grade party, with a lot of excitement in their voices.

I walk in the school and can already hear the music bellowing in the auditorium. We walk to the doors of the auditorium and our smiles pervade the room. I already feel excited. Kids are talking with their friends and dancing. Everyone that is talking has their own group of friends, all boys or all girls. Nevertheless there is still glee among the kids. I slowly but surely make my way in and the first thing my friends and I go for is the photo booth.

Finally after what seems like ages, we are the next people to use it; our picture is imminent. We get inside and the seconds wind down. THREE—I am handed the goofy hat that I asked for—TWO—then the glasses—ONE—and hands sweating, I fumble to get them on. SNAP! The picture is taken and I look just as goofy as I wanted to look.

We get out of the photo booth and start walking around to find our other friends, but next thing we know the DJ is calling us up to the floor so we can play a game. The game is called Coke & Pepsi. In Coke & Pepsi, there are teams of two. The players are assigned either Coke or Pepsi. If the DJ calls Coke, then the people who were assigned Coke have to run to their partner that is Pepsi; if he calls Pepsi, then the Pepsi people have to run to their partners that were labeled Coke.

My friend Jack and I are partners—of course. We are always partners in everything. I have known him since I was nine, and that doesn’t seem very long only because I moved here at that age. I was assigned Coke and Jack was assigned Pepsi. The DJ calls Coke and I start running all the way across the auditorium; then all of a sudden he calls Pepsi while the Cokes are still running. Jack is completely caught off guard. Now both the Cokes and the Pepsis are running to where the Cokes should be. I get back to the line in time, but Jack isn’t very close and is neck-and-neck with one of my other friends named Andrew. They are both ten feet away and both sprinting their fastest. Still neck and neck at five feet, then four, Jack gets a slight lead on Andrew. Three feet and still in the lead—is Jack. Two—one—then barely making it by a hair—Jack—and we both feel feel excited.

We don’t end up winning, but come close enough to get a prize, which happens to be a plastic boomerang that doesn’t work but is still very fun to play with. For the rest of the night we do trick shots with the boomerangs by skipping and sliding them into trash cans that were set up to play with. You can say I’m as much of an expert at trick shots as someone is at doing something their first time. I have a lot of fun, in fact as much as someone when he wins a championship in anything.

No matter what situation you are in or what happens, friends that are always by your side can always lead you to a great time.

It is a warm, starry night in early June. Slam! A car door whacks shut as one boy gets in. He has just had the time of his life.

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