New Life
Paul. Age 13. PA

It was a normal, 68 degree Fahrenheit, sunny day. My dad usually comes home at 6:01—but not today! Calling in from his car, he said he had life-changing news. Once dad came home, he told us that he just got a job offer in America. Everyone was excited. After many days, we decided to accept, even though everything would be new. There was one challenge to counter before we left for America. Learning English. After a couple of days, we found a tutor, though she could only speak English making the situation even harder. After hard work, we did it, and already the last week of school was here! I was very depressed. Every year through the 4th grade, the last year of elementary school, everyone does this huge project about the new school you’re going to. For me it was extra special because I would go to an American school. After preparation, the day had come, the last day of school when everyone presents. This though was not all I had to do. I had to say goodbye to ALL my friends. Now I had to move on to see what the future had planned for me.


Getting up at 4:00 am in the morning is definitely not my strongest suit. I was morose, rubbing my eyes. I got into the car. Two hours later, we arrived at the airport, and checking in is always the worst. But not today. It felt like we were the only ones there. Entering the plane, I was at first depressed that this was goodbye Germany. When we got our seats, my sadness just washed away. I started to think, “Maybe this will be one of the greatest journeys I’ll ever take.” The captain, with his clean uniform, came on to introduce himself. “We are ready for take-off.” The comfy seats started to make me sleepy. Tilting my head, all I could see was the cracked space, the gray, sticky concrete. Wheels squeaking, engines roaring, the vibrations making the seats slowly start to shake, the plane started to move. As the plane picked up speed, the sounds got louder, the seats vibrating and shaking. The plane started to tilt, to take to the air, and the pressure increased and increased—then I looked down and whispered to myself, “Goodbye, and thank you for everything.” The future now belongs to America and it will be bright as the moon at night. Starting to watch all those movies, I fell asleep.

“Please, put your seats back into the upright position for landing, and thank you for flying with U.S Airways, and enjoy the rest of your day.” I was ready, ready for anything that anybody threw at me. There would be a new school, a new house, a NEW LIFE!

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