Sapphire Blue
Marlee. Age 13. Doylestown, PA

Finally, after an extremely long wait, weve arrived. Car ride after car ride. Minute after minute. Endless hour after endless hour Crash! The sapphire blue waves crash against the golden brown, grainy sand. The same sand that is slipping, sliding, slithering through my flip-flops, burning at every touch.

Finally, after waiting, packing, walking, more waiting, some unpacking, and more walking, we have reached our desired destination. But even though were here, Im not completely free. There is still more standing and waiting to be done. Im ready to jump into the blue water. The sapphire blue waves crashing against the golden brown, grainy sand. The water screams, Come here! Now!, and I have to fight the urge to run down and jump into the water. I have to stay and unpack our bags. Im stuck, unable to move, like a butterfly with wet wings. Then finally, when all the bags are emptied, Im free.
Walking down, my feet are already layered in sand. Dodging sharp shells. Jumping over dried clumps of seaweed. Incongruous obstacles in the way of the nonchalant water. Standing in the damp brown sand. Patiently waiting for the water to come gushing back. One, two, three. The water comes rushing back, surrounding my tan feet.

Cold then warm, then warmer. Slowly, carefully, I wade into the water, in and out, in and out. The water singing its mellifluous song. The crash of the waves smacking the wet sand in perfect accord. Its a game of tag between the water and the sand, played endlessly.

Back and forth. In and out. The water, spiralling and sparkling, rushing back towards me. Its like the water is challenging me to a gameI accept. I walk into the water, deeper and deeper, until its up to my stomach. One, two, three, go! Its a race between each wave. Ready, set, go! Each wave starts, rolls, and crashes against the sand. I take a deep breath of the salty air. The air is a mixture of different kinds of sunscreen, food and the salty waters.

The waves crash, roll, turn. My cousins, two boys next to me in matching water shirts, ride their boogie-boards. I race into the water to join them. We stay afloat on our boogie-boards and wait. We ride over the waves, gliding right with them. Waiting, but the good kind. Not the kind of waiting where youre stuck. Where you are helpless in the situation, unable to do anything. This kind of waiting is good. The kind of waiting where youre excited, where you know whats coming, and youre excited for the outcome.

I take another deep breath of the sunscreen and salt water. Finally, the waiting is over. Rolling, turning, churning, I find a blue wave in the distance. I smile, the wave is imminent. I watch the wave roll closer and closer. Finally, its close enough. I push off the brown sand and start kicking. My cousins, pushing off right after me, notice what I am doing. Kicking, squirming, I try to get out fast enough. The wave is right behind me, chasing me. Finally, I feel the wave tickle my toes, and I stop kicking. I float, and the wave takes over. I ride on top of the wave. The sapphire blue wave pushes me forward, until Im stuck in the sand.

One more! I call. Although weve reached the end, it feels amiss. It feels like the middle, not quite the beginning, not quite the end. The zenith. It feels like a marathon, and you still have another lap to run. Like a basketball game, and you still have another quarter to play. Finally weve arrived. After an extremely long wait, we have arrived. Car ride after car ride. Minute after minute. Endless hour after endless hour. Finally, weve arrived, and it was worth the wait.

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