The Sticker Extravaganza
Miranda. Age 13. PA

 Counting, we sat in Mr. Willard’s class, social studies, which lasted forever. All we wanted to know was if we could hang out. The time looked like it had slowed down. Tick tock tick tock… three minutes, two minutes, ONE MINUTE. Mr. Willard kept talking. Thirty seconds. More talking, like he was never going to let us leave. Five, four, three, two, one. RINGGGG. Finally, now we could check.

Cayia, my best friend, got on the phone with her mom in almost a split second. I stood there, silently waiting for the response. Cayia pressed the end call button after a few minutes, but didn’t say a single word to me. Oh no, I thought, her answer must be no. Then, all of a sudden, a huge smile took over her face. “SHE SAID YES!” shouted Cayia. We were bursting with excitement. When Cayia's bus pulled up, we hopped right on. The drive to her grandparents’ house went by so quickly. We ran in, anxious for her mom to come and pick us up to go to their house.

At last, we heard the beep that told us her mom had arrived. We sprinted outside as fast as a hummingbird’s wings. We jumped in the car, so excited for the night to come. Audin, Cayia's younger brother, who was sitting in the front seat, opened his new Lego sticker book and began to tear out sticker after sticker of different Lego characters and Lego pieces. He began to slowly stick them onto Cayia and me. Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and R2D2 began to coat our faces, hands, and legs. Laughing, I took the stickers off of myself and piled them onto Cayia. It was such an amazing car ride, and we had a great time the rest of the night as well. We arrived at her house and watched Glee. Then we went to the movies to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. It was a very funny movie. Later, when her mom picked us up and took us back to her house, we ate unusual Japanese candies. We had a great time together.

The next morning, we counted down the minutes until I had to go home. It went by so quickly. The time looked as if it had sped up. Tick Tick Tick Tick. Three minutes, Two minutes, ONE MINUTE. We wanted every minute to last. Thirty seconds. It was like time hated us. Five, four, three, two, one. NOOOOOO. It was time for me to leave. Cayia and I are amazing friends who will never let each other do stupid things... well, not alone at least.

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