A Christmas Surprise
Patrick. Age 13. PA

As I woke up and slowly, carefully crept down the stairs, I realized that today was Christmas. I thought, “Ï finally get the presents that I have been looking forward to getting for so long.” My brother, mom, dad and I were all opening up our presents and right as I thought that we were done, I spotted an envelope on the table addressed to me and my brother. I opened it and inside it was a picture of a dog and a piece of paper saying, “Have a fun Christmas.” Then right away I realized that this was a picture of our brand new dog! I was so happy! I asked my parents when we could pick him up, and they said right away. We all ran upstairs got dressed in our clothes and piled in the car. I was so nervous about what his mood would be like when we got him. Was it jumpy, excited, lazy, jittery, or all of the above?

We picked him up and went back to the car to go home. On the way home he slept in my lap. When we got home, the first job was to name him. My dad was not a big fan of dogs so in order to keep him my dad had to pick the name. He chose the name Rocky – a character in a movie – because that is his favorite movie. Right after we let him out of his cage, a lot of things happened really fast all at once. Rocky – our brown and gold colored dog—one foot over the other, was hurtling towards my grandfather. Then just like a ball bouncing off the ground, he jumped off the ground and sank his sharp teeth into my grandfather’s hand so that he dropped the clothes on the ground. Then Rocky trotted over to a sock and picked it up and would not give it back for a half hour. As my heart broke into a million pieces, we all knew that he would have to be shipped back to where he came from. All of us in tears left to go to the airport to send him back to Arizona. I thought I had lost a friend forever.

When we arrived home we were all really upset and went and stayed in bed all day. The next day my mom woke me up really early and told me to get in the car. We drove for about an hour and then my dad finally pulled into a farm. I was so tired and confused about what was going on. We walked up to the barn and slowly opened the door. Than what I saw was one of the best sights that I have ever seen. About fifteen little puppies - all golden colored and tiny as twigs - waddled up to the window to see what was going on. Ryan and I went into the room to see them all. After a few minutes with them, most of the puppies went to lie down in the far end of the cage, but one stayed with me and my brother. That is when we knew that this was the dog we were going to get.

My family immediately named him Rudy, and I was so happy that we got a nice dog. I couldn’t wait to get home to play with him. When we got home everyone was a little nervous about how he would act, so we kept a close eye on him. But after a few minutes we decided that he was a lot better than Rocky. Rudy is never mean and if we wanted to we could take a treat out of his mouth and he wouldn’t budge. At least now I know that no matter what, it will always turn out good in the end. So I guess you could call this all a big Christmas miracle.

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