A True Family Thanksgiving
Ryan. Age 13. PA

I yawned. “Hawwwww…… are we there yet?” I said sleepily.

“Yes, Ryan,” my mom said, with a bit of aggravation I could just make out.

But hey, we were finally here in Florida, one of my favorite places. It’s my favorite because I was born here and I was coming back here to see people—family and friends.
“Hey, Mom! Are we going to our house or Grandma and Grandpa’s?” I impatiently asked.
“We’re going to the house to unpack and they will meet us here,” Mom said uncertainly, like she didn’t know.

“There’s the house, guys,” my father said, really excited and with a hint of relief.

“Yes,” the rest of us - my mom, my brother and I – answered with relief as well.

As we unpacked, I ran upstairs and tried to sleep for at least five minutes, but I couldn’t so instead I just helped unpack, and when we were done that we got to my grandparents’ house!

Ding dong… They seemed excited to see us. “Hey, guys,” we said back, really happy to see them.

As we came in, dinner, which was from Dustin’s BBQ, was set on the table like they knew we were going to be there on time.

When we sat down, we all told stories. Then the thing that I’d been wanting to do, which was fishing, was imminent. I asked, “Can we go fishing after dinner?”

My grandpa, my dad’s dad, said, “Why don’t we go now?” As we walked to the dock the sun was just about to set. The orange and purple colors blended together and a slight breeze ruffled the palm trees. The slow moving water from the river glistened with little waves white-capping when they hit the shore line. Tonight was a good night. We sat on the rusty but still silver box that was marooned on the ply-wood. With one flick of the wrist, my rod snapped, releasing the line toward the glistening river where it would soon drift away to be consumed by a special little fish that we would soon catch. As we waited, we watched several bait fish called mullet jump by the dock lights hung from the chipped and slowly decaying ply-wood beams.

It got quiet till ZZZZZZZZZZ! A fish hooked himself on the line and we had our first bit of action of the night! As I went to grab the rod and reel, the fish shot skyward and rocketed out of the dark shiny water with little beads of water accumulating; the beads reflected the surroundings. As the fish traveled through the air, the beads slid off, causing an array of water drops to plop into the river. As I reeled the fish in, the line snapped and the fish got free.

“Ugh,” I said with a sigh.

Sympathetically, my grandfather said, “Hey it’s alright! Fishing is like a game. Sometimes you strike big and sometimes you come up empty.”

“I guess you’re right,” I said, understanding the message.

“Now, let’s go home. It’s getting too dark out here,” he said with a yawn.

“Yeah, I’m getting tired as well,” I softly said. I needed the sleep because tomorrow was Thanksgiving!

When Grandpa and I returned home, my mother, father, and brother were waiting, and we went on home to our little place by the beach. When we arrived, I went straight to bed. The next morning the gulls chirped, the palm trees rustled, and the sun slowly rose but was blocked by lost clouds. “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!” I yelled all excited that I was going to eat well tonight! When we all were awake, the boys—my brother, father, and I—went to our grandparents’ house, while my mom stayed behind to bake. Time flew! I gathered my fishing stuff and went to the dock, and I was going to cast net for bait. Well, I grabbed the net and forgot to tie it around my wrist. I took the net, turned back slowly, and scanned the river’s surface. I saw a gathering of fish and I quickly moved forward. I felt my grip on the net turn into handfuls of air, and the rope slithering past me and into the river. I panicked! I quickly grabbed my fishing pole and luckily hooked the floating rope and brought her ashore. I was really lucky. By then dinner was ready and we sat down and enjoyed ourselves, told stories, watched movies and had little archery competitions. It’s times like these that I wish I could really have last forever.

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