Until Next Time
Leah. Age 13. PA

Sweat dripping, heart racing, feet pounding, I charge for the goal. The black uniforms are a blur and faces are messy outlines of the sun glowing in the back ground. I race towards the goal cognizant of only two things: The goal. The ball. I enter the mouth of the enemy—the towering white rectangle standing between victory and a loss. Everything escapes my mind except for the image racing across my mind of the ball sailing into the back of the net. I am alone now, just me and the ball. I see the approaching goal keeper and I start to line up the shot. I can hear the clock overhead…

Tick- Tock


I lean over the ball and strike it as hard as I can. I can do it, I can do it.

My laces fuse with the skin of the ball and it glides past the goalie and lands safely in the mesh net—at last.

It feels like eternity before the referee blows the whistle to finalize that our team has scored. My legs feel limp and my feet give off the sensation that they’re going to fall off. However I don’t mind. My teammates rush towards me screaming and clapping, like a stampede. I feel as if I just won the World Cup and I’m the MVP. “We did it, we won!” Dani bellows as we march off the field with our heads held high.

“Picture time!” hollers Mrs. Hess—my coach. We all groan and start to pack up our stuff. We exit the complex like a flood. As we come to the sign outside, a world globe with letters on it saying THE WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS COMPLEX, we are directed to stand in front for a picture. We all stretch our smiles across our faces and stand still like a group of statues—unable to move. The camera lights up for a few seconds and then dies softly, leaving only the captured moment it its memory forever.

I look around. I can see our bus coming to take us back to the resort. I also see the Tower of Terror looming in the background, and downtown Disney is just a bus away. I take a mental picture of it all. The buses pull up on the side of the road and motion for us to load. I take one finally look around and I can still remember the first time we walked in. My team and I walking onto the complex, our glittering eyes and pale skin arriving, over taken by emotion--happy, excited, nervous--at six in the morning. Now we’re leaving and our eyes are tired, and we’re sun-kissed to the core. I climb on board and pick a window seat hoping to get a last glance of the Wide World of Sports arena, calm and quiet before we return and it’s crowed and everyone wants to get somewhere. The rays of the soft pink and orange sunset sparkle over the trees, fields, and the sign, like it’s saying good-bye back to us.

I suddenly feel sad that I’m leaving, yet I know I’ll be back again. As we drive away, the arena grows smaller and smaller like ants, and my teammates’ eyes start to slowly close. I know that we wouldn’t have won today unless I had them. “There’s no you in team!” my coach always says, and until now I haven’t known it to be true, but now I’ll never doubt it. Until next time, Disney. Until next time.

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