Resplendent Victory
Christopher. Age 12. Furlong, PA

I was sure that dying couldn’t be any worse than what I was going through now. The jet black car rumbled on. I gazed at the orange sky. The sun shot out his last rays of warmth. The wind sprayed waves of orange sand throughout the scene. The tumbleweeds rolled past. I was bored. Sure, the desert scene, with its many unique rocks and cacti, was beautiful—but after a million years, I couldn’t possibly still be awed.

Eyes searching, I lay awake in the car, gazing at the deep blue night sky through the sun roof. The view at daytime may have gotten old, but the night was as fresh as a piece of technology that was just unboxed. I loved it! The sky was flecked with lustrous white pearls that twinkled as you looked at them. I was surprised at how peaceful the world was. It was as if the world was taking a rest. So peaceful it was that I was unaware of the lurking enemy—sleep.

I woke up the next day. Rested. Revitalized. Ready for whatever life would throw at me. I wasn’t scared. Then I looked around. It was the same. I was disappointed—but not for long. The scene quickly changed into canyons, with layers of multi-colored rocks dominating the space. I gasped! It was amazing. The Grand Canyon stood proudly. He puffed out his chest and revealed a smile that radiated true happiness. The blue sky opened up to reveal the joyful sun, as he turned his spotlight onto the rock formations. It was like an enigma, unfolding its myriad sides right in front of my eyes. Then I felt it—small at first, but growing fast in size and ferocity. Victory! It was a proud lion’s bellow, resonating within my chest. A smile spread over my face. It couldn’t have gotten any better. I conquered the long, boring ride and got to the reward. I won!

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