Water Slapped
Jamy. Age 13. PA

The white, glimmering boat tilts back and forth like a rocking chair in the water. The wind whispers in my ear and blows the dark chocolate brown hair on my head. I sit on the left side of the boat getting sick from the rocking, watching my cousins on the raft attached to the back of the boat behind me, standing and screaming.

It is time for me to go. All of my cousins and some of my uncles have gone on the raft. It is my turn. I walk to the bow of the boat, putting one foot in front of the other to reach the red and yellow air-filled float. My right leg slips out from under me, but I grasp the boat just in time before I fall. My older sister, a tall and wise girl with long and wispy hair, gets on with me and the boat starts. I start out lying down, but I then get on my knees until I nearly fall to the water. I get worried and scared: What if the boat flips, if the raft deflates, if we get stranded in the middle of the lake? What if…? I get back down. The raft starts climbing the wake from the boat. The raft is jumping. Everywhere I can feel gravity failing to do its one job.

The boat is running in circles in the middle of the lake. The wake gets taller, and I am even more terrified. We are skidding on the outside, nothing holding me back from falling. The boat snaps back, ruining the pattern of the circles. I fly back and feel the wind pounding against my own flesh, making me scream in fear. My hair, now dark as night, flies up with the rest of me and then strikes my back. I slap the raft and spring back up again. This time my body rotates in the air. The water hits my legs, then my head and arms, moving wondrously in the air. I close my eyes and feel the water upon me. My life jacket makes me float to the surface where I see the boat is waiting for me.

I swim over to the ladder that was covered in water from the sea spray. The boat is swaying forcefully as the waves crash against me. My arm slips as I try to climb up the ladder, but I manage to get my grip. I land on the blue and gray carpeted surface of the boat as it starts going again. I grab a towel and start to dry off just as the boat picked up speed. It is going too fast for me; I fly back. Going towards the rear of the boat I slam against the water and SPLASH! I hold my breath only to soak the towel wrapped around me. I start floating again.

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