The Black Hole
Justin. Age 13. Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Going up the lift, I see all the mellifluous mountainsóMadonna, Sterling, and Morse Mountainóin the distance. I get my gear on and ski down to the lift. Getting there very early so thereís no wait, I hop on the ice chilled seat. Like a bird, I ride up the lift, as Iím about to dive in on my prey. The lift starts to speed up and I now have a better visual on all the myriad skiers and reckless snowboarders, barely seeing the apex of the mountain since the clouds shadow over it. The great Madonna Mountain starts to get very chilly.

Finally reaching the top of the mountain, I hop off the lift and drift, and locate the great triple black diamond Black Hole. As timid as I am since itís my first triple black diamond ever, but happy knowing how great of an experience this is, I start to gain speed. Looking off the side of the mountain is amazing, like the rest of the world was all destroyed. Nonchalantly I finally find my way to the mysterious Black Hole. As I enter, geared up and ready to ski, I am already dodging trees left and right.

Controlling my speed and hearing the thump, skirt, eek, shhh, and other sounds my skis make, Iím feeling, and enjoying, the cool air on my face. Skiing my first triple black diamond is very scary, but Iím starting to get the hang of it now. Right, right, left, right. Zooming past all the trees is so amazing. Shooting the snow out every time I make a sharp and slick turn. Itís not scary anymore; itís just fluid as I skim right over the fresh powder and slowly see tree after tree Ėwhite covered, barely standing upóand the snow brushing off my skis. But I forget about my speed and almost crash.

Keeping my balance, but sadly seeing the end, Iím happy though too as I see the trees open up to the new trail, like flipping to a new page. Finishing the trail off and now speeding up, I rush down to the bottom of the white snow filled trails. On a beautiful winter day, I reach the bottom, and my first time ever skiing the Black Hole, the only triple black diamond in Vermont. I get on the lift for my second run, looking at the same mellifluous mountain, but seeing something new too.

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