Savory Snow Days
Aman. Age 12. Doylestown, Pennsylvania

I remember the burning heat. I remember how your skin would slowly burn off. I remember the extraneous flames going through your body. This was a normal day in India, where it’s sunny all year long, and I would rather feel a cool breeze rather than flames growing on my skin.

Luckily, I was not in India. I was in New Hampshire. I, at age four, had a magical experience. I got to play in the snow for the first time. Since part of my early childhood was in India, I never really got to see snow. Things would be different in the United States. White. Beautiful. Soft. These were the best words I can use to describe the snow that masked the ground instead of shadows. Myriad snowflakes flew across the sky rather than excruciating heat rays zapping everyone in sight.

Being the young, energetic child I was, I dashed out the door. Admiring the snow, my face instantly lit up. I felt the cold air race against my skin. Heart beating like drums, I pranced through the soft snow that would always break my falls. I made snow angels similar to the ones I saw on my favorite cartoons. I jumped around carelessly because I knew that the snow wouldn’t hurt me. I was a wild animal in the snow. Running around aimlessly, just for fun. I could’ve played in the snow for hours, days, weeks, months, and years. I wished it would never end. Unfortunately, winter only lasts a few months. For this reason, I had to enjoy this moment as much as I could. It could go away in the blink of an eye, and I had to keep a grasp on it for as long as I can. Everything was perfect... until the cold air started to settle on me.

Just like all good things, my fun in the snow came to an end. Body freezing, I rushed back inside. If I spent a second more in the snow, I would have become an ice sculpture. My face was bright red. I was worn out, tired, exhausted, and freezing because I played in the snow for such a long time. Despite being frozen, I didn’t care about the bad moments. I remember the white all over the ground. I remember the snow as soft as a pillow. This was a normal snow day in the USA. I choose to think about being young, free, alive, and having the time of my life instead of thinking about myself being tired, exhausted, and freezing. I wouldn’t give up being young and free for the world. I still aim to be as young, free, and alive as I can possibly be in the long time I have remaining.

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