Firehouse Fun
Michael. Age 13. Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Kur plat, kur plat is the cacophonous sound that my car made, as it thumped over the concrete sections in the highway. Rrrkk, the car groaned to a stop; we had arrived at the firehouse at long last, fifteen minutes in the car with rambunctious friends; now that we had arrived, we were all ecstatic. We all were about seven or eight and couldn’t wait to let our minds wander through and explore the vast spaces of the firehouse.

As we walked through the firehouse, we were in complete awe of our surroundings. In the eyes of me and my friends, we had just hit the biggest cache of fire equipment that we had ever seen. We were wondering about the equipment. What was the job was like? And what were we going to do during our time there? My friends and I were amazed by the firehouse, and we thought about what it must be like speeding to a fire. As luck would have it, my friend’s dad, Mr. Tori—a brave man – is a firefighter at that station. He was prepared to show us the cool workings of the firehouse and its tools!

As we toured around the firehouse, we came across the Jaws of Life, a large hydraulically powered tool used for pushing metal away in an accident. High pressure hoses that would be hooked up to the engine truck used for quenching a fire. And big trucks. While all of my friends watched a cool video on firefighting history and the equipment involved, I wandered off to go back and look at the trucks. The trucks consisted of a 100 foot reach ladder truck, an engine truck, a tanker truck, and a brush truck. The coolest one to me was the engine truck, which my friend’s dad happened to be the truck leader of. When the group noticed that I had wandered off, they came looking and found me in front of the engine truck. What happened next was remarkable. I thought Mr. Tori was going to be mad, but he was happy. He told me that I could get into the truck! As my shoe gripped the shiny diamond plate stair, my hand grabbed the glistening handle. Hands reaching, feet gripping, I pulled myself up, and I saw the vast cab in front of me. Light, switches, and buttons galore. As I sat in the seat, I felt all the eyes of my friends on me. I felt special.

Kur plat, kur plat the car thumped along the road back to my house. I had had a wonderful day with all of my friends and had a lot of fun. Now we were back at my house, and we couldn’t wait for a fun filled sleepover. After hours of shooting Nerf guns at each other and playing video games, we all dozed off. One of my friends, Michael—a funny boy—was disruptive the whole time, causing much ruckus (Fun in my and my friends’ eyes, but trouble in my mom’s). That day was a great learning experience for us all: we had all seen massive fire equipment, learned about what the firefighting job was like, and at the same time had a fun-filled day at the firehouse. All in all, the day when my friends and I visited the firehouse is a day that we all still remember and was a great day with friends.

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