Hole in One
David. Age 13. Doylestown, Pennsylvania

I pulled back the putter, pushed it a little forward, and there was the contest, in one putt.

As we rode in my mom’s Infiniti QX56, a very big SUV, I thought of the putting contest my camp counsellors said we’d have. I always was thinking to myself, “I’ve got to keep pushing myself to win this contest.” I knew it was camp-wide, with just about 100 kids in the competition, from seven to sixteen year olds. It would be like a PGA Tour contest. When we pulled up to Valhalla Golf Course, an advanced course, I got my clubs out of my mom’s car, and got myself signed in for the day. I first started practicing, sinking putts from five feet to twenty-five feet. When I finished the first couple of putts, I felt really determined to win.

After I practiced putting, I went to the driving range. I hit my Callaway driver about 200 yards down a fresh strip of grass, wide and long. After I hit with my driver, I went on to my nine iron and seven iron. I didn’t really hit those well, but I still felt determined to win the putting contest. The contest would start in forty-five minutes, so I had some time to get a quick drink and go right back onto the putting green. Once I got there, I kept sinking putts from five feet, now to thirty feet. I looked at my watch and realized that the contest was in five minutes. I grabbed my putter and my lucky pink Callaway ball.

I went to where the contest was starting, and I realized… That I was first! Even though I was first I still felt determined to win. I lined the ball up, so I had a perfect chance at getting a great putt. I pulled the putter back and pushed it forward, making the ball run up the short, fresh grass bend. The ball quickly started to come around the corner, slowly rolling toward the hole. One putt.

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