Jurassic Park: A Family Ride?
Riley. Age 12. Furlong, Pennsylvania

It was ninety-seven degrees Fahrenheit and the sun was shining. My cousin, grandma, and I were in Los Angeles, California, movie star land. Universal Studios Park was the second most popular thing, I would say, except for the Hollywood sign of course. We walked into the park. Sweat dripping, walking heavily, we walked in and we saw a water ride. Jurassic Park. The clear water, splashing up from the ride, looked as cold as the North Pole. Sam, my cousin, and I were thinking about how nice that water would feel on our sizzling sunburnt shoulders. I got the chills just thinking of it.

There was one problem. Boppy, my grandmother, hated water! I would go on with just Sam but we weren’t tall enough to go on without an adult.

“Boppy! Boppy! Can we pleeeease go on Jurassic Park?” Sam and I asked while making puppy dog eyes.

“You two know I hate water, and that ride is all water!” Boppy exclaimed.

Frowns started to appear on our faces and our eyes watered up with waterfalls running from them.
“You two are a pain!” Boppy sighed.

“Is that a yes?” Sam mumbled with a grin starting to appear on his face.

“Yes… but not before I take a picture of you two cuties and we get rain ponchos so we don’t get soaking wet!” she said in her baby voice.

We all started laughing, and we smiled in agreement.

All three of us stepped into the front of the cart. Sam and I were wearing our bright yellow ponchos, but there had been only two left, so Boppy didn’t even end up wearing one. I felt like I was a banana. I had to live with it though in order to go onto the ride—Boppy’s rules.

The ride started to creak and my chest and head fell forward. My grandma made her “I’m going to hate this” face.

“I already don’t like this. Why did I let you two convince me to come on this?” she asked as she laughed.

“Because you love—“ I said right as the ride moved forward.

We went into a man-made river type thing that was surrounded by dinosaurs spraying water at us and coming out of nowhere. Right before we went down the big drop a HUGE T. rex came down from the ceiling and roared with all its might. Everyone on the ride screamed. The ride jerked forward and my hands come off the bar and flying into the air. Those eight seconds going down the steep slope, getting smacked by water coming up from under us, felt like a million years. I looked over to my right and saw my grandma laughing and smiling.

“Can we go on again?” Sam said soaking wet with excitement.

Who knew that we would be saying this six more times until it looked like we got hit by a hurricane.

Through this experience I learned a very important lesson. Family will do everything and anything for you even if it means doing something they think they would hate!

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