Sidra. Age 12. Sohar, Oman
                      Life is just a four letter word,
experienced by people all over the world.
Life isn't a game for some,
While the rest say, “Let's have some fun!”
Some say, it's just a test taken by God
Whereas others want to live it even by
having energy enough only to nod.

As children, we love playing blindfold,
But call it lame, once we grow a little old.
As teens we love listening to music soaring,
And call most breaking news boring.

Once we're adults, all we do is chitter-chatter.
Not realising you're wet in the rain's pitter-patter.
Hearts thumping we point to our chests,
Now as oldies sick in our beds.
Here I lie in the hospital, with relatives crying their eyes out.
And a doctor telling them I'm in a coma
Not ready to get out.

Now do I realise,
Life has its fall and rise.
So I'm determined and unstoppable.
Getting out of bad situations is most likely probable.
Hence, I just embrace life, giving a friendly jab,
Know what? Life is fab!!!
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