Many Different Countries in One Night
Sam. Age 13. Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Opinions do change—especially of the worst part of a great thing. It was my first time in Disney World. Even better I was with my cousins and family—on my mom’s side—who I rarely see since they live in the Midwest. After a few days at the other parks, we went to Epcot. I realized that everyone was having fun waiting in line. We saw that the wait for the ride was over two hours, and a couple of my cousins as well as two uncles and I were out of there. We went to a mini-golf course that we had seen earlier while driving to the parks.

We played a couple of rounds of mini-golf. They kept asking me if it was okay with my parents that I drank so much Pepsi, since I drank four or five bottles. I said they won’t mind and I had a ton of energy. After a while we got bored with mini-golf and started to head back toward the parks. I felt super-charged. I was talking a lot because of all the sodas I had had. When we arrived back at Epcot, we joined the rest of the group. They started to fill us in on all they did. Some of the things were pretty cool.

In the daylight, the park was very cool, but at night it was awesome, like a scene from a dream. It was dark and we had split up into groups earlier. One of my cousins went with us while others were in different places. Also one uncle went with us. So in the group was my cousin Jacob—in between my brother and me in age—and my Uncle Shad. We were going around to all the countries they had. There were many areas that were called a country and had tons of things found in that country. We went all over the world in one night—kind of like Santa Claus. While in Germany, we got some chocolates and caramels. They tasted really good since they were authentic. Then we got some really good food. Uncle Shad decided to try on a tiny rainbow hat with tiny umbrella like wings on it. My uncle—a very tall man with a glass eye—looked very funny in the hat, and we took pictures of him and sent them to my aunt—his wife—and my mom, who were both with the little kids. After that we went to China. We were walking around in there and then my dad—an exceptionally big man as well, even though he isn’t as tall—came out wearing one of those flat hats that farmers wear. In his hand was an umbrella that had flowers on it and was kind of see through.

The last thing that we did before we went to meet up with the rest of the group was get a massive plate of nachos and sodas—that was a lot of sodas for me. They were great. The nachos had meat, cheese, guacamole, beans, and tons of other toppings. We met up with the rest of the group and headed back to the resort— the Marriott, which was a timeshare—which was super nice.

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