Memories that Last a Lifetime
Laura. Age 12. Pennsylvania

I would never be able to live without her. Our friendship only started in fall of 2014; however, it has only grown since. We are practically sisters now. We are inseparable no matter how or what, and nothingóNOTHINGówill be able to ever change that. We support each other through the toughest of times, losing, for example. We are also there to congratulate each other during the great times, twenty-four hours a day. This was one of the best times we have had together, I am so happy that we are best friends. 
She is an amazing horseback rider and the best friend anyone could ever have. She placed first at zone competitions where our friend Ashley and I placed second and fourth. Their teamwork led us to have an amazing experience at IEA, Interscholastic Equestrian Association, National Finals in West Palm Beach, Florida. At Nationals, none of us placed, except for her, because of our small, nervous mistakes. She was the last person to be called back for the Championship in her class. She rode a very hard horse and made a mistake right in front of the judge. We were sad that this happened, but this was an amazing opportunity to even make it to Nationals. She placed eighth out of the twenty-one people in the class, and over 2,000 people in her division all across the county. I was truly astounded! 
As excited as someone who just won a gold medal at the Olympics, she ran out of the ring, almost crying tears with joy. The smiles on all of our faces were incomparable. We smiled more than we ever had before. I was thinking that the happiness between us could be seen by anyone around us. She leaped and wrapped her legs around my torso, holding her ribbon in her hand and a smile of her face. This moment was captured forever by one click of a camera. 
Friendship is amazing. Cherish it forever. Friendship helps you during the tough times, and true friends are ALWAYS there to congratulate you during the great times. I would never be able to live without her. Nothing could ever change that. You have been there through my ups and downs, and I have been there through all of yours. Sarah, my inseparable sister, you are truly a great friend. 

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