The Perfect Way
Evelyn. Age 13. Furlong, Pennsylvania
Cleaning up from dinner.
Chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy
Water splashing everywhere as the dishes soak

Curled up on the couch
Wrapped up in a cotton blanket
Caught up in a good book

The glowing sunset burning
Fiery-red and coral-orange streaks
Blending into the blue sky

Hot chocolate and the TV
Turned on but low
The perfect way to end the night

The chirp of the crickets has started
And the television’s noise
Is dying down

The mug has been drained of hot chocolate
And carried to the sink

Set down ever so gently
No one has been woken

Trudge upstairs and plop into bed
Ready for a long night’s sleep

Enveloped in the soft bedcovers
Falling into a deep slumber

Drifting back into consciousness
Lying in the bed

There is a quiet murmur of your parents’ conversation downstairs
Pancakes and bacon sizzling on the griddle

Birds flying like feathers
Floating, gliding, soaring
Stumbling downstairs
Getting used to walking

After a long night’s sleep.
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