A Piece of Luck
Peter. Age 13. Doylestown, Pennsylvania

“Uggggh.” Reluctantly, complainingly, I groaned as I rolled out of bed. I wished I had slept in my bed. The beach hotel’s bed was worse than the floor. When I finally slumped into the other room, I saw my brother. He told me that he was responsible for me today because my dad took my sister to a soccer tournament.

After a boring hour of Looney Tunes, he said after breakfast we would be going to the boardwalk. More family time, this should be fun. I knew today would be enjoyable. When we got to the boardwalk, we went on tons of rides. Screaming, crying, I went on the Dragon, my first rollercoaster. I started to have a lot of fun. We even bought lunch. I had a burger with lettuce and onion, my favourite, and a limeriki, a lemon strawberry drink. After a ton more rides, including many on the rollercoaster, with empty wallets we started to head back.

Then it happened. My brother saw something. When he picked it up, we stopped walking. Confused. Not believing. Baffled. I was shock, like I had won the lottery. Everyone was walking around us. “Here, this is yours,” my brother grunted. I took it in awe. It was a keychain that read “Peter.”

“Ugghh” I grunted as I fell into the bed. I thought back on everything. Family will be here forever, I guess.

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