Receiving Sacraments
Christian. Age 13. Furlong, Pennsylvania

September 3, 2009, a hot sunny day, was the first day of second grade. I was worried and nervous that day, but when I saw my friends in my class I became excited. I remember my teacher. My cousin said that she was nice. Her name was Mrs. Daily, and she had short blond hair, was in her late fifties, and had just come back after having cancer. She was nice and a great teacher.

A few months later I received Reconciliation for the first time. The priest was tall and about sixty. Then it was my biggest achievement then. I remember our teacher gave some students a sign to hold up to represent Reconciliation. I was one of those people that she picked. My assignment was to hold the P in Peace. I remember feeling older and mature. After that I went to Friday’s to celebrate.

Then a few months later my teacher told us we had to prepare for our first Holy Communion. So we had to go into the gym. The gym stage is a blueberry color. There was a lady about in her forties with brown curly hair who talked for four hours on what we had to do. It was boring, like watching paint dry. Every Fridays we had to do a “fun activity” like doing worksheets and watching boring movies. At least we didn’t have other classes. The only fun part was when we practiced for Holy Communion because we used Vanilla Wafers for the Eucharist.

Then a week later it was time to receive my first Holy Communion. We had to get to the church early. When I got there, I had to sit in a special spot. It was smallest to tallest. Then we walked into the church. There were a myriad of people there. Later into the mass it was time to receive my first Holy Communion. I was walking up the aisle reverently. My hands were in a bowl shape. Then we walked up to the priest and he said, “Body of Christ,” and I said, “Amen”. Gently, and carefully, the priest put the Eucharist in my hand. I carefully put the Eucharist in my mouth and walked towards my pew. It was a piece of cake. Feet crashing, hands clapping, everyone’s family was excited about when we received Holy Communion. After mass we had to stand outside at the prayer garden to take a picture. Then after that my family had a party for my first Holy Communion.

On the last day of school, my teacher Mrs. Daily gave us the piece of cloth with our names on it. I will never forget that year. I hope that confirmation will be better than Holy Communion.

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