Sambi's Tale
Shivani. Age 8. Albany, Georgia

I never thought of getting another pet. I thought two pets were enough, but I was wrong. This story begins with my Pins [aunt] ringing me up, and asking me if I wanted a kitten. Of course I said yes, and thatís how I got Sambi. My Pinsí bossís cat had kittens. The man asked my Pins if she wanted a kitten, so she asked me. I said yes. So my Pinsí boss sent us some photos showing the kittens. I picked the grey kitten.

After a few months, we went to Milledgeville where my Pins lived. My Pinsí boss lived near Milledgeville. We got the kitten. We named him Samba. After staying a few weeks in my Pinsí house, we took Samba to the vet to get his shots. The vet asked why we kept saying he and we said because heís a boy. Weíll never forget that day. Because that day we found out Samba was a girl! That day was also the day Samba changed to Sambi.

The next day when we got home we had another problem. A doggie problem. Kali is my momís fierce orange and black watchdog, and Gauri is my brown and white lapdog! Gauri refused to accept Sambi, and Sambi refused to accept Gauri. You couldnít leave them alone for one minute. However, after a few months, we were able to trust Kali with Sambi. So we had to send Gauri to my Pinsí house for three months. When she came home, she welcomed Sambi with open paws.

After a few weeks we started trying to litter train Sambi. But we quickly learned litter training Sambi wasnít as easy as it looked. Sambi had different ideas of what you could do with a litter box. First she tried to eat it. Then she tried to play with it. So we moved it to her spot. But instead of using the litter box when she had to go, she pushed it out of her way. In the end, we let her use the bathroom instead of the litter box.
Sambi has a lot of boyfriends. One night I called Sambi, but she wouldnít come, so I got on the bed to see what she was looking at and there was one of her boyfriends. Another time I saw something black on the windowsill, and there was one of her boyfriends.
Sambi is really naughty. She loves tearing and going under things. So itís no wonder Sambi tore up my red stool. A few nights ago Sambi crept slowly underneath the stool and tore it to pieces. That wasnít only the time she did it either. Sambi loves the outdoors. Sitting and looking outside is one of her favorite things to do. She also likes chasing squirrels. I found that out one day when I was taking Sambi for walk. We stopped beside a tree. I turned around and the next minute I felt a tug on my arm. I looked and Sambi was up the tree. I pulled her down as fast as I could. And from that day onwards, I knew never to let her go up a tree again.

At this very moment, my cat Sambi is doing one of her favorite things. She is playing in the patio.

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