Today Is the Day!
Jared. Age 12. Pennsylvania

I woke up and realized that today was the day. I was super excited. I went onto my computer and saw that a conversation already started about it. I jumped in and saw that we were all excited. Skype was exploding. Everyone was talking about the things that they wanted to do at it. After a little while of talking, I got into a suit and tie. My friend Peter Kimball came to my house with his suit on. We drove for a little while until we got to my friend Gloria Cao’s house. I hadn’t seen her for at least two years. She looked different but her personality was the same. Gloria, Peter, and I caught up and talked about it. We had to drive for about an hour until we got there.

We had gotten to the Jewish Temple, and it was about to happen. Smiling, we walked into the lobby and looked around. I saw Jattu first. She was already there when we walked in. Jattu walked up to me and hugged me so hard I was sure that my bones would break. She was so much taller than me and lifted me off the ground. It wasn’t fun. Gloria was laughing the whole time. After that we saw Vivi and Charisma walk in. I despised when they had to feel my hair. The last person to come in was Becky. It was her Bat Mitzvah after all. When they were done with me, their attention switched to Peter. What they did to me was nothing compared to what they did to him. I almost feel bad for what they did to him. Screaming in fear, he was chased around the lobby. He kept trying to hide behind me, crying for help, but he couldn’t escape them. If they had enough time, I was sure he could have died. He had some luck because the service started. It seemed like an eternity of gibberish. I had to sit through it and act like I knew what I was reading in the book. After an hour of that, the party could finally start.

It was a big amalgam of singing, dancing, laughing, talking, and eating. It was a great time and we took a bunch of pictures. I loved all the games we played, like Coke and Pepsi. I loved all the songs played: “Uptown Funk,” “Shut Up and Dance with Me,” “Cupid Shuffle,” and copious more. It lasted for about three hours. It is all a blur now. It was super fun. After I left, I went to bed knowing that today had been the day. It was awesome meeting my friends in person for the first time.

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